Silicon Anti foam / Form Control
  • Reduce surface tension
  • Improve efficiency of systems
  • Prevent or control foam build up
  • Destroy foam
  • Non-toxic
Silicon Emulsion

  • Inert, heat stable, non-toxicity
  • Improve mechanical efficiency of heat set web offset printing presses & enhance the colour, gloss and feel of the printed material
  • Used to reduce static build up as well
Silicon Removal

  • SilStrip contains an active ingredient that attacks silicone and leaves surrounding materials unaffected
  • Dissolves in water and can be disposed of via domestic or commercial drainage systems
Cable Lubricants

  • An approved lubricant by British Approvals Board for Telecommunications (BABT)
  • Provides excellent friction reduction and enables cables to be installed with minimum force over extended distances
  • Available in pulling and blowing lubricants
Release Coating / Agents

  • It used to prevent moulded products sticking to their mould or charring
  • Moulded item to be formed with clean contours, close tolerances and a slightly gloss finish which resists scratches
  • Silicone based products are thermally stable and will not produce decomposition products
  • Used in baker ware, foundry and plastic & rubber
  • Applying a release agent to the tin to ensure the bakery can be released from its baking tin quickly and in one piece.
  • We offer a choice of silicone resin based bakery release agents, each suited to a specific job and application method.
  • This excellent release properties ensure that bakery productivity is optimised.