ST Clean and ST Coat
  • ST Clean and ST Coat is a compression type mold cleaning material (Synthetic Rubber)
  • ST Clean effectively eliminate the pollutants and stains formed on mold surface
  • ST Coat protects mold surface and provides  good releasing after cleaning

  • No mold abrasion and corrosion by using selective inorganic filler and no sulfur
  • Pleasure scent provided
  • Less smoke
  • Great flow characteristic enables to clean the mold corner
  • No residues on air ventilation
  • Able to apply to complex mold cavities
Melamine Transfer Compound
  • A transfer type Melamine Cleaning Compound (EMC) with two flow type (High Flowability & Low Flowability)
  • Not effect to mold die corrosione
  • Various diameter & weight applicable
Paper Frame and Board Frame
  • An unique product specially designed to substitute conventional metal lead frames or substrate for cost-reduction in mold cleaning process
  • Intentionally developed for melamine cleaning in molds used in transfer encapsulating of electric and electronics components by means of epoxy molding compounds as well as dummy molding
  • Applicable to various type of Packages such as, BGA, LED (Board Frame), QFN, Power Package (Paper Frame) and etc
  • Available in the form of single strip and multiple strips
Hub Dicing Blades (Wafer Saw)
  1. Maximum cutting performance
  2. No glazing
  3. Faster cutting action
  4. Improved surface finish quality
  5. Better coolant retention
  6. No Material Deformation
  7. No Contamination
Diamond Back Grinding Wheels
  • Used on back grinding machines for thinning and flattening silicon wafers, glass products, ceramic products
  • Available in large variety of bond such as sintered (metal bond), resin bond, vitrified bond, plated (nickel bond)
  • Specification of diamond back grinding wheel can be optimized to fit your particular application/material
Resin / Metal Bond Dicing Blades
  • Maximum cutting performance
  • Faster cutting action
  • Improved surface finish quality
  • Better coolant retention
  • No Material Deformation
  • No Contamination
UV Tape and Non-UV Tape
  • Available in a range of adhesive thicknesses, glue types and tack values in the forms of both UV tape and Non UV tape
  • High quality de-taping tape that is quickly becoming an industry standard