Welcome to Greatech  
  When you select Greatech as your key provider in manufacturing process you will soon discover there is always a simple solution behind every complexity.

Founded in 2004, Greatech is a leading trade company that focuses on wide range of specialty machinery tools, materials, chemicals and services for a broad industries base.

Over the years, Greatech has grown and leveraged its network worldwide with an innovation value proposition – synthesize solutions to your business with a true understanding based on fundamental customer insights and requirements.
  Our Mission  
We strive to be the preferred partner by providing superior products and services of exceptional value through dedication and excellence.

We aim to provide comprehensive manufacturing solutions that improve productivity, profitability and result in helping our clients gaining competitive advantage in their market.

To develop diversified markets which provide stability and adequate financial returns, our mission is to create consistent value for our customers that will maximize shareholder value and long term earnings growth.
Our Core Values
Our Company’s objective in establishing the core values is to promote ethics, honesty and professionalism within the Company and among our employees. The Company believes in being an integrated organization and that the action of every employee affects its entire organization and reputation.

Greatech’s core value, by the acronym of “GREATECH” as follow: